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Our 14th Risk Mitigation Leadership Forum focuses on the impact of today's natural disasters, what we can learn from them, and how Government can help in preparing for future catastrophic events.  As always, our Forums are invitation-only and free of charge to all who attend.

Event hosts:

  • RenaissanceRe Risk Sciences Foundation: Supports advanced scientific research in atmospheric risks, the development of risk mitigation techniques to safeguard communities, efforts that reduce the economic turmoil following disasters, and organizations that preserve coastal habitats.
  • The Earth Institute - Columbia University: Blends research in the physical and social sciences, education and practical solutions to help guide the world onto a path toward sustainability.

Panels include:

  • Higher Seas, Higher Ground? Assessing Flood Risk in Today's World
    Speakers: Matt Chamberlain, Jessie Ritter, Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh David Maurstad.
  • Where There's Smoke, There's Fire: Wildfire Risk in the 21st Century
    Speakers: Robert Field, Roy Wright, RJ Lehmann, John Huff.
  • Hurricane Force or a Force for Change? The Impact of Severe Storms on Coastal Communities
    Speakers: Chia-Ying Lee, Jane Gilbert, Peter Sousounis, Dail Rowe.
  • From One Extreme to Another: What do Higher Temperatures Mean for the Global Population?
    Speakers: Arlene Fiore, Radley Horton, Darby Jack
  • Ready, Set, Go: The Role of Government in Preparing for Major Disasters
    Speakers: Ben Diamond, Daniel Dietch, Michael Gerrard, Eric Wilson .

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