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Forum brings together Disaster Safety Specialists, Policy Makers, Scientists and Environmental Advocates to Advance the Disaster Safety Movement with Actionable Items for Reducing America's Growing Risk Burden

As government budgets shrink and weather risk challenges increase, it is imperative that organizations across the disaster safety movement work together to advance the resiliency of our communities. The "Facing the Challenge" Leadership Forum brought together an elite group of attendees in Orlando, Florida to help address and advance the Disaster Safety Movement's challenges with actionable items.

Keynote Speaker, Craig Tillman, President of WeatherPredict Consulting, framed the challenge America will face in the next 15 years from climate change. Attendees then participated in interactive "World Café" sessions where four key topics were discussed in small round tables. This unique opportunity allowed attendees to listen to the perspective of fellow leaders and work together to develop solutions. These solutions were used to create a map full of actionable ideas to advance the resiliency of our communities by defining the future of disaster safety.

Topics included:

  • Role of Government
  • Role of Insurance
  • Improving Building Codes
  • Future of the disaster safety movement

To view the "World Café" map and read the Action Items, click here.