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Working together for hurricane risk mitigation

The Hurricane Risk Mitigation Leadership Forum, an invitation-only event, brought together academics, scientists, public and private sector representatives to advance hurricane risk mitigation efforts and awareness.

The Forum featured insightful presentations, panels and workshops while offering the unique opportunity to exchange ideas with representatives from all aspects of the mitigation effort. RenaissanceRe President and Chief Executive Officer, Neill Currie, likened the gathering to the Davos World Economic Forum — a multi-disciplinary partnership addressing challenges in an innovative, collaborative way.

"There are many efforts, many ideas, many concepts surrounding hurricane risk mitigation; the Forum aims to get everyone pointing in the same direction, then bring it back to the public."
- Bill Riker, retired President and Chief Underwriting Officer of RenaissanceRe

"Neill Currie's analogy is a powerful one. Let us become the Davos of mitigation, so that this will not be the last time we gather. And if we only find the questions this time, when we gather again we’ll find the answers."
- Leslie Chapman-Henderson, President & CEO of FLASH®

Scott Richardson, Commissioner for the South Carolina Department of Insurance, and David Maurstad, Assistant Administrator for Mitigation with FEMA, converse after their panel presentations on “A Look at the Landscape for Financing Hurricane Risk”