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Forum brings together Disaster Safety Specialists, Policy Makers, Scientists and Affordable Housing Advocates to Discuss Enhancing Disaster Readiness in Texas and Other Gulf Coast States

The Texas Risk Mitigation Leadership Forum was heralded as a major success as over 240 attendees gathered in Austin, Texas for a wide ranging discussion centered around the policy and public safety issues associated with making Texas and other states more disaster resistant.

Texas Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst delivered a keynote address in which he called for public-private cooperation in addressing natural disasters. National Hurricane Center Director Bill Read also delivered a key note address in which he applauded delegates for their push to make Texas and other states more disaster resistant.

Other highlights of the Forum included panel discussions on:

  • Examining the perils threatening Texas
  • Understanding public policies, including
    Federal legislation and building codes
  • Mitigation success stories
  • Mitigation at work in the Texan business community
  • Marketing mitigation for mass appeal