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Presentations - Hurricane Science for Safety Leadership Forum

Presentations are either in PDF or PPT format and require either Adobe Acrobat Reader or MIcroSoft PowerPoint to view them.

Subsidies and Economic Sustainability: A Clear Case for Mitigation
by Debra Ballen, Institute for Business and Home Safety
Fortified for safer living®
by Warner Chang, Institute for Business and Home Safety
Responding to Global Warming and Developing Adaptation Solutions
by David Conrad, National Wildlife Federation
Changing Climate Adaptation: Reforming Flood Management
by Andrew Fahlund, American Rivers
Florida Coastal Land Use Policies
by Sarah Owen Gledhill, Florida Wildlife Federation
Economic Sustainability & the Financing of Catastrophe Risk
by Robert Hartwig, Insurance Information Institute
Increasing Hurricane Resistance with Building Codes
by Nanette J. Lockwood, Solutia Inc.
Subsidies in the Property Insurance Market
by Patrick Maroney, Florida Catastrophic Storm Risk Center
A Focus on Behavior Change
by Peter Mitchell, Salter Mitchell
Mitigation Technologies
by Julie Rochman, Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS)
Climate Change and Adaptation Strategies
by Lew Rothstein, University of Rhode Island/WeatherPredict
Mainstreaming Mitigation through Communications and Education
by Jeanne Salvatore, Insurance Information Institute
Recent Science and Policy Implications
by Amanda Staudt, National Wildlife Federation
Catastrophe Modeling, Managing Complexity
by Craig Tillman, WeatherPredict Consulting Inc.
Protect Property and Save Money on Insurance
by Tami Torres, My Safe Florida Home
Hurricane Risk Quantification & Implications for Public Policy
by Paul VanderMarck, Risk Management Solutions
Mitigation Technologies
by Dr. Peter Vickery, Applied Research Associates, Inc.