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Presentations - Safe Homes For All Leadership Forum

Presentations are either in PDF or PPT format and require either Adobe Acrobat Reader or MIcroSoft PowerPoint to view them.

Advancing The Disaster Safety Movement
by Leslie Chapman-Henderson, Federal Alliance for Safe Homes, Inc. - FLASH®
Changing Climate Adaptation: Reforming Flood Management
by Andrew Fahlund, American Rivers
100+ Years of Land Change for Coastal Louisiana
by Paul Harrison, Environmental Defense Fund
At War with the Weather and Other Extreme Events
by Dr. Howard Kunreuther, Risk Management and Decision Processes Center, Wharton School
2009 Insurance Information Institute Annual Pulse Survey
by Jeanne Salvatore, Insurance Information Institute
Rebuilding Biloxi: Lessons Learned from Katrina
by Bill Stallworth, Hope Community Development Agency
My Safe Florida Home Program
by Tami Torres, My Safe Florida Home
Analysis of the My Safe Florida Home Program
by Michael Young, Risk Management Solutions