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Presentations - Seismic Risk Mitigation

Presentations are either in PDF or PPT format and require either Adobe Acrobat Reader or MIcroSoft PowerPoint to view them.

Risk Mitigation for Older Concrete Buildings
by Thalia Anagnos, San José State University
California's Earthquake Preparedness Problem, Challenge and Solution
by Mark Benthien, Southern California Earthquake Center
San Francisco Fire Department
by Joanne Hayes-White, San Francisco Fire Department
Fire Following Earthquake: Personal Lines Insurance Discussion
by Jeff Huebner, AAA Northern California, Nevada & Utah Insurance Exchange
Disaster Resiliency: Addressing Low Income Population Risk
by Sarah Karlinsky, San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association
Environmental Works
by Rachel Minnery, American Institute of Architects
Recommendations for an Effective National Mitigation Effort (Funded by NEMA & FEMA)
by James Mullen, Emergency Management Division, Washington State
California’s Earthquake Preparedness Problem, Challenge and Solution
by Christopher Nance, California Earthquake Authority
Fire Following Earthquake: Planning, Strategic, and Tactical Considerations
by David Richardson Jr., Los Angeles County Fire Department
NEES Woodand Seismic Risk Reduction through Performance-Based Seismic Design
by John van de Lindt , Civil, Construction & Environmental Engineering