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Action Plan emerging from "Facing the Challenge" Leadership Forum

The attendees of the "Facing the Challenge" Leadership Forum were asked to participate in creating a World Café map which ultimately would reveal the future of the Disaster Safety Movement. It began with a series of questions during four topic-specific round table sessions. The questions posed are as follows:

Role of Government:

Round One - What is the current role of government and how does it contribute to the growing risk burden?

Round Two – In what ways can the role of government change to incent other stakeholders to make better, informed decisions regarding where and how to build communities.

Role of Insurance:

Round One - What should be the role of insurance be for informing consumers of the proper risk signals? How would you describe the gap between current roles versus the ideal?

Round Two - What are three bold steps that need to be taken to get to the ideal state?

The Future of Building Codes and Standards:

Round One – Where do building codes/standards need to evolve to in order to reduce the impact of disasters on communities?

Round Two - Who is currently leading the way and what specific changes are they making to address the future at the state and local level?

The Future of Disaster Safety Movement:

Round One- What role do citizens play in creating resilient communities of the future?

Round Two- If you were guaranteed success, what actions would you take in the next 12-18 months to improve how everyone views the importance of disaster safety?

To magnify a specific area of the map, hover over the image and use the mouse wheel to increase the magnification. For a copy of this map, click here.

The following Action Plan reflects the outcome of discussions held during the four topic-specific round table sessions for the World Café.

The purpose of the Action Plan was to create actionable items to help advance and shape the future of the Disaster Safety Movement. Each attendee chose one topic and an Action Item within that topic to implement upon leaving the Forum.



Campaign to expand incentives related to retrofitting/building new IBHS "Fortified" homes.

  1. Credits
  2. Endorsements
  3. Deductibles (high vs. low)
  4. Take out of residual market
  5. FEMA match from 25% to 10%

Future of Disaster Safety

Prototype Resilient Community in New Jersey

  1. Straw man/Business Plan
  2. Outreach to key contacts

Building Codes/Standards

Building codes as a public value

  1. Create framework for data in an information system
    • Updates
    • Resiliency score
    • Building code, built to
    • Roof shape
    • QR Tag

2. Implement with partner test city


Tie resiliency and disincentives to all "safety net programs

  1. ID safety net programs (i.e. Disaster Assistance Crop Insurance PL84-99)
  2. As reauthorization legislation comes up, link to appropriate resiliency measures