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Key Principles emerging from Safe Homes for All Leadership Forum, June 2009

The Forum delegates outlined a set of principles that added to their vision for a new approach to disaster safety. Beyond insisting that pre-disaster mitigation become the linchpin of disaster safety public policy, and urging greater attention to the disaster safety needs of low-income Americans, other principles included:

  • Aligning green building construction and retrofits with disaster safety. To this end, delegates agreed that weatherization and building resilience should go hand-in-hand.
  • Taking greater steps to protect the environment in order to reduce the impact of natural disasters. Delegates agreed that development in sensitive coastal areas has undermined the ability of natural coastal barriers to blunt the impact of hurricanes. They called for the adaptation of the built environment to preserve the natural environment and agreed that one will not survive and thrive without the other.
  • Levering existing and emerging technologies to strengthen new and existing structures using measures affordable to all income levels.