This site provides access to the valuable information presented at, and generated by, the Risk Mitigation Leadership Forums, as well as other information and research within the risk mitigation and resilience subject area.

The invitation-only forums bring together academics, scientists, conservationists and public and private sector representatives to advance risk mitigation efforts and awareness.

The events seek to achieve the following goals:

  • Identify key factors relating to preserving life and safety, as well as the economic impacts of natural disasters to the United States.
  • Engage with leading public policy makers who have to manage catastrophic risk in relations to societal needs.
  • Explore current initiatives in the areas of building mitigation, hazard mitigation and risk financing, as well as how these initiatives can be commercially and economically deployed to mitigate risk.
  • Explore and promulgate the best scientific research relating to the risks of natural perils, and how they may be mitigated or avoided.
  • Create an environment of exchange so participants can interchange ideas and capitalize on insights generated at each event.


The RenaissanceRe Risk Sciences Foundation was honored with the Outstanding Achievement Award for Mitigation by the 2011 National Hurricane Conference. Pictured are (from left to right): Bill Read, Former Director, National Hurricane Center; Stephen Weinstein, Chairman, RenaissanceRe Risk Sciences Foundation; Eric Williford, Senior Scientist, WeatherPredict Consulting Inc.; and Max Mayfield, Former Director, National Hurricane Center. (Photo: Business Wire)